Disneyland Anaheim

A whole day dedicated to Disneyland needed to start with a substantial breakfast. I ordered the duck omelet and hesitantly asked for tea. I got a hot glass of water with a teabag on the side. Where’s the milk? ‘Excuse me sir, please can I get some milk?’ ‘Like a glass of milk?’ ‘No not a whole glass, just enough for my tea.’ ‘Oh you’d like some cream.’ My omelet came with duck meat. Of course it did, I did order a duck omelet but somehow skimmed over duck and only read the omelet bit.

The hot California sun was shining and Mickey had just come out for some pictures. I don’t care that we were the only adults in the line waiting for our turn, it was Halloween and vampire Mickey was out in the sun.

I loved the Mad Hatter, it is still my favourite store at Disneyland. The store sells hats. I went from being Captain Jack Sparrow to Elizabeth and to the Mad Hatter himself. I wonder how many people come in to this store purely for photo opportunities. I know I did.

We next ventured to the right and headed into Tomorrowland. Helping Woody and Buzz shoot the evil Emperor Zorg in Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was our priority. I steered our spaceship as the best friend shot every target. Our other 2 compadres were in the ship behind us. Go team! With our mission accomplished we watched a pop hero show off his famous dance moves in Captain EO. It was a wonderful tribute to Michael Jackson and a welcome flash back to the 80’s.

The 4 of us climbed aboard the Finding Nemo Submarine for an underwater adventure. Even the claustrophobic best friend was ok with being in a confined space. This was a lovely relaxed adventure with our favorites Marlin, Dory and of course Nemo.

We walked up many stairs, stood in a long line in the hot sun and eventually got to the front of the line at Space Mountain. It was…. well I remember a lot of darkness and then flashing lights. I honestly do not remember this ride.

Toon Town was the next stop. You do feel like you’re in the old cartoons with the wobbly buildings, funny street signs and the character homes. Disneyland Railroad took us on a trip around the park for a much needed rest. We had done a lot of walking and had only covered a quarter of the park so far. The train ride is an excellent idea to catch a glimpse of everything if time is not on your side. I walked through Goofy, Mickey and Minnie’s playhouses but my favourite was Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse. Mind your head!

Lunchtime had arrived. Disney Dining handed me the best pizza I have ever had. I couldn’t tell you what kind it was because I don’t remember, but it was delicious.

As I walked past Fantasyland I hoped to get a glimpse of Belle and the other princesses but I had just missed them. Perhaps next time.

The Plaza Gardens were beautifully decorated with sugar skull props and mannequins. A reminder Hallow’s Eve was almost upon us. A lovely combination of the traditional Spanish festival and the Halloween festivities we are now used to.

After almost knocking Pocahontas over as she discovered the ‘new world’, we had a quick walk through of Tarzan’s tree house. A ship lodged in a tree that took us through Tarzan adopted as a baby by the Gorilla to Jane discovering a full grown Tarzan. Every now and again we could hear his famous jungle call.

The Jungle Cruise showed off the great use of animatronics with the hippos submerged under water and the elephant splashing us with water from its trunk. We took a walk into the caves and got into a safari car. I was glad to be on another ride, Indiana Jones. And while I hadn’t seen any of the movies at this point I really enjoyed this ride. We barely missed the rolling boulder, falling debris and skeletons chasing us. Of course Indie saved the day to get us off the ride safely.

The favorite part of the day had come in New Orleans Square. There is something about the buildings and atmosphere created by the spirit of this city. A boat ride into the Pirates of the Caribbean welcomed us into the evening. It was wonderful seeing Captain Jack Sparrow on his drunken adventures again. Another great use of animatronics Disney. And a trip to the Haunted Mansion decorated with a Nightmare Before Christmas ended the night perfectly. This indeed is Halloween. Everyone hail to the pumpkin king.

The other 3 companions snapped up pictures with Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Pocahontas, Aladdin, Jasmine, Goofy, Pluto, Mickey and Minnie…. I had snapped up Mickey and that was enough for me.

Years later I’ve finally learnt that while both Goofy and Pluto are dogs, the reason Goofy talks and walks is because he is an anthropomorphic dog.





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