Los Angeles

When you watch movies about a person from a small town leaving home to make it big you always assume they’re headed for Hollywood. Producers will notice something special about this one person that the 1000 before didn’t have. After all what could be more enticing than beautiful weather,  the paparazzi and tiny waists.

I was on the Luxe bus from Anaheim driving through some rough neighborhoods when I saw the Hollywood sign in the distance. After a while we were driving through Rodeo drive passing Tiffany and Co, Channel, Dior, Jimmy Choo and many other brands I would be too afraid to own. I put things in the washing machine that clearly say dry clean only. This is why I don’t own nice things.

Our hotel was the last drop off on West Hollywood Blvd. The hotel sits on the corner of 2 major highways. Thankfully though the windows were sound proof. We met the most interesting character who became our taxi driver for the next few days. He was always strangely available.

He took us to Universal Studios to check out Universal Walk. It was purely overwhelming. There were all these huge brands and restaurants  I’d only heard of in South Park. I purchased an Obama t-shirt from a cheap souvenir store before settling for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. This was my first time in one of these restaurants. The signed guitars and cars were just amazing. Our punk rock waitress brought us nachos and burgers, and tequila sunrises after checking our ID’s. I thought it was rather flattering until I was reminded that the legal drinking age in the US is 21 rather than 18 in all other countries. So much for feeling young.

From a rock star dinner to fame. The Walk of Fame that is. We wondered up and down Hollywood Boulevard marvelling at, celebrity stars, Mann’s Chinese Theatre, the Kodak Theatre and AMC’s El Capitan cinema. Almost everyone was dressed in costume heading to a Halloween party. Playboy bunnies, adult Alice in Wonderland, cop and nurse costumes. The costume that impressed me though was 3 men and a woman dressed as the Ghostbusters. No skin showing necessary,  just a pure tribute to the ’80’s legends. Car and all. Their hardwork clearly showed, so who you gonna call? The best friend has dreadlocks to his waist. As we passed an elderly African American gentleman he affectionately called him the ‘juju man’. This became his nickname for the evening.

We headed back to the El Capitan for ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ in 4D. This is Halloween, this is halloween. After hailing to the pumpkin king it was time to rest before our full day around the City of Angels.

A new day brought new adventures. So onto a bus we went to Sherman Oaks Galleria. This mall wasn’t quite what I expected. There were some cafes and stores however most were closed. I’m unsure whether we were there too early or if perhaps this wasn’t the best mall to visit. We got the next bus to Westfield Fashion Square and I fell in love with Sephora and MAC. In Australia we pay a lot of money for these make up products but here everything was affordable. I stocked up well, Ms Von Teese would be proud (I hope). I also wondered in to Pottery Barn in search of a hypothecary table. What would Phoebe think of me?

Our other 2 companions decided to head to a basketball game while the bestie and I headed to Santa Monica Boulevard. We didn’t have to dodge inline skaters. The view was beautiful. Ahead of us we had Venice Beach, to the left was Santa Monica Pier and behind us was a Boulevard with lots of shopping to be done and food to be eaten. We both tucked into soup and toasted cheese sandwiches surrounded by our H&M shopping bags.

With our bellies full and hurting feet we headed back to the hotel for a bus trip to the desert.





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