Las Vegas






























I am about to become that person that doesn’t keep what happened in Vegas, in Vegas. I promise I’m not usually that chick.

On board the Lux bus again we started out for the 4 hour drive to Sin City from the City of Angels. We made our only stop in the small town of Barstow where we managed to find a Starbucks. Once we were on the road again the imaginary line between California and Nevada was crossed, followed by Buffalo Bills and finally a long stretch of desert.

Las Vegas seemed to appear out of nowhere. The bus made it’s way from Luxor past the Excalibur and New York New York, up to the MGM Grand, Bellagio and Caesars Palace which was our stop. From here we tugged our suitcases through Caesars Palace to the free tram that connects the hotel to the Bellagio and our stop, the Aria. The Aria was a new build therefore we got amazing rates. This hotel spoilt me and to this day is the benchmark for what I expect from a luxury hotel. Almost everything in the room could be controlled through a tablet remote. The jacuzzi spa was amazing and the bed felt like a cloud. The hotel halls were like a labyrinth with hypnotizing carpets, the allure to a casino I suppose. The lobby was decked with marble, water features and Cirque du Soleil sculptures. The Aria is located on The Strip within walking distance to most of the famous casinos. With only 2 nights and 1 full day there was no time to waste.

After purchasing a very large frozen strawberry margarita all 4 of us took a walk along The Strip towards Caesars Palace. It seemed very strange to be allowed to walk in public drinking alcohol on the street. We bumped into some families with small children, all I was thinking is who the hell brings children to Vegas. With sleazy guys on the streets handing out call girl cards, to passing casinos with half naked women ensuring no one had to leave their slot machines; why?!

We made our way through Caesars Palace to the Planet Hollywood restaurant. I fell in love with all the movie memorabilia. There was Darkness, orcs, Terminator and many other colourful movie legends. Juxtaposed with the white marble sculptures of Roman gladiators. This was so awesome.

The Vegas experience is not complete without a show. We purchased tickets to a burlesque show at the Flamingo. The ladies were great, I respect a woman who can hold her own on a pole. I admire that upper body strength. After the strip tease we were treated to a fiery explosion at the Mirage followed by a water dance at Caesars. We somehow dragged our intoxicated selves back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Our morning began with a quick breakfast at Subway followed by a loud introduction to Kotton Kandy the prettiest lady on the Strip. He had white bike pants on with the brightest pink fishnet stockings and leather undies over. I came to realize his favorite word was Bam! which woke me right up. He was the attraction but wouldn’t let us leave until he got his photo with the ‘juju man’ bestie. Finally we were heading to the MGM for our shopping tour. Las Vegas is a great place to bag a bargain with the variety of factory outlet like stores. The bus took us back to Buffalo Bills and the timer was on for a quick 2 hour shopping extravaganza. I had to buy a new suitcase for my new outfits and heels. We just made it back in time for the bus ride back to the hotel.

After freshening up the 4 of us headed to Hooters for dinner. However after seeing a long waiting line to get in we headed to the New York New York for an Italian dinner instead. We would not be riding the rollercoaster at the top of the hotel this time, our bellies were too full for that. Instead we walked back to the Excalibur to top up our frozen margaritas. The ‘Thunder from Downunder’ male strippers were handing out roses, finally something from the ladies. The hallways eventually blended into the Luxor which showcases an impressive collection of Criss Angel’s motorbikes.

Weaving back through the different casinos eventually landed us at Coyote Ugly. Time for another frozen margarita in a large souvenir tumbler. The bestie was on a very high cloud of his own. The Bellagio and Caesars Palace still had their Tim Burton inspired Halloween decorations up. Both hotels had spiral trees, huge butterflies and scarecrow pumpkins towering over us.
I could already tell our 5am start was going to be messy. I do regret not having more time to see a Cirque du Soleil show. That would’ve been a most amazing adventure.




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