Kuala Lumpur

With our boarding passes and passport in hand, and backpacks on we cleared passport control and headed to duty free to search for an international adapter. My sister and I were bound for Kuala Lumpur on a midnight Malaysian Airlines flight for 2 nights. This was the first time I’d flown business class on a long haul flight. I was excited.

We found our seats and were offered a glass of guava juice while we waited for boarding to finish. Once we were in the air and the seat belt sign had been switched off my bed went flat. I didn’t care about the food service, I was more excited to have my short legs out stretched. The next 7 hours flew by as I slept. I’m not entirely sure whether I had been tired or the beds were that comfortable. A little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. With an hour left I quickly managed to have breakfast and freshen up.

We landed around 7am and after going through customs and immigration, we picked up our luggage and headed to the transfer pick up point. Half an hour went by and our transfer was still not there so back into the airport we headed to buy a local sim card to call the agent. After piecing together (through language barriers) that the driver was on his way we headed back to the pick up point to find our transfer was waiting for us. My sister and I were the only guests on the bus. The journey to the hotel took 2 hours due to the amount of traffic; we were travelling in peak hour on a Monday morning.

I had booked the hotel from the previous night in order to guarantee early check in. The hotel was just out of the city but looked a bit dodgy. By 10am we had dumped our bags in the room and were heading to the buffet breakfast. Kuala Lumpur is a hot and humid city. The hotel had a musty smell as if the carpet were absorbing the moisture in the air. Apart from this little annoyance the hotel was clean and comfortable.

After breakfast we headed back to our room and had a shower before taking a quick nap. When we did finally wake up we headed to KWC outlet. At first we thought we could walk there but after remembering how crazy the traffic was we decided on taking a taxi, I wasn’t getting run over on my first day. This shopping mall is huge with many floors but we quickly realised that the stalls were similar on each level. I stocked up on many beautiful scarves.

The taxi back to the hotel dropped us off on a side street where we found a little hole in the wall. We settled in for some delicious Malay chicken curry. In our food coma state we waddled back to the hotel room and collapsed for the evening.

The next morning saw us up bright and early, buffet breakfasts in belly and waiting in the reception area for our tour to Batu Caves. We waited and waited, and after a 30 minute wait we transferred from the hotel by bus, to another and finally another and we were on our way. After a detour to a pewter iron factory, and silk wrap decorating we finally arrived at Batu Caves and were only given 2 hours to explore. The Hindu statue towered over us, even taller than the 272 steps behind. The stairs were steep and not very wide and overhead monkeys scurried for bananas and coconuts. I had seen pictures of this place but in person Batu Caves looked breathtaking. Luckily we were covered up as most ladies had to rent sarongs in order to be allowed up the shrine. On our tippy toes we raced up the stairs Rocky style but when I got to the top I was not dancing around, instead I nursed cramps in my leg.

The top of the stairs led to a cave with Hindu shrines. Many people were worshiping while monkeys and chickens ran around. There was a dark cave with glow worms but we were running out of time and I was parched. The climb down was even harder with jelly legs. I fell into the cafe chair as my sister went off to find the perfect coconut. After re-hydrating myself with tasteless coconut water I was happy to be back on an air conditioned bus. The tour guide dropped us off in the city, next to the Petronas Towers; the world’s largest twin towers.

We headed for H&M and were hoarded by university students trying to sell projects. After realising what was happening my sister grabbed my hand and we ducked into the fashion store which led into a larger mall. The first stop was food. Every restaurant we passed had a halaal sign meaning they did not serve pork. We eventually stumbled on Fat Boy Burgers to find they had bacon. Like most times in our lives our mental telepathy did not fail us, we silently walked in, found a booth and picked up menus without uttering a single word to each other. A burger has never tasted so delicious. I could feel my sugar levels go back to normal. Happiness, sunshine and rainbows were not too far away.

After lunch we waddled into Kinokuniya book store. I am old fashioned when it comes to books, I prefer to physically turn a page rather than tapping the next button. I also love the huge variety of genres that this store has. The cafe within the bookstore offered amazing views of the city. From here we headed back over to the Petronas Towers and awkwardly tried to take selfies with the tall buildings in the background. A guy came over to sell us a selfie stick and suddenly all our problems were solved. There was a time I vowed to never ever own a selfie stick. I do only use the selfie stick in cities where I am not known because judgement.

We jumped into a taxi and very soon realised we had chosen the wrong time to head back to the hotel. Peak hour turned a 15 minute trip into an hour.

We grabbed dinner from the limited menu at the hotel restaurant and had an early night for our 3am airport transfer. This transfer only took 45 minutes. The next stop was Kota Kinabalu in Sabah Borneo.


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