An afternoon in Bath

I had been unsure on a boy I was seeing at the time and I knew the only thing that would give me clarity was a solo getaway. That and I had Bath Spa on my must see UK list. You see, my last meal before leaving Melbourne was served to me by a young lad from Bristol. I told him I was off to London and he asked me to visit his home and handed me a scribbled note of things to do in West Country, Bristol and Bath. I only made it to Bath.

It was a two and a half bus trip to Bath on the National Express from London. I remember staring out the window at blue skies, green grass and fields of yellow wild flowers. All the while listening to Raincloud by the Lighthouse Family. The lyrics ‘Let the daylight in on a better day’ have stuck with me since.

We arrived into Bath around 12pm. I headed into a café for a cider and Cornish pastry which were both inhaled within minutes.

It took me around 2 hours to walk around Bath. I snapped up some pictures of Bath Abby, had a wander through the Roman Baths, found the famous Sally Lunn’s buns café and chilled by the river, before boarding my bus back to London. Bath was a lovely little town to escape to for a few hours, and the trip did give me the clarity I needed. Being a solo female traveller (almost) always wins.


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