An afternoon in Bruges

My train left Gare du Nord at 9am bound for Brussels Midi station. I had just about enough time to grab a coffee and croissant in the terminal before taking my seat on board the very comfortable Thalys train. I had a single window seat with power socket and wifi. I was suddenly sad this would be a journey less than 90 minutes.

I arrived into Brussels around 1030am and within an hour I had checked into my hostel and was headed back to Midi station for a local train bound for Bruges. Within another 90 minutes I was on a bus into Bruges city center. Several years ago I had watched a movie called In Bruges which still remains as 1 of my favourites to this day. The line ‘It’s like a fucking fairytale’ is what made me visit this city.

It is exactly as described in the movie, with the cobble stone laneways, canals, swans, Belfry Bell Tower and medieval buildings. I followed the cobble stones away from the town center over a bridge, another then another. There were lots of tourist couples holding hands as they strolled along, trying to get a selfie with the picturesque background.

I had managed to walk Bruges twice over in about 2 hours. I loved seeing this little city from one of my beloved movies and can absolutely agree, it is like a fucking fairytale. My favourite find was that of a statue of Papageno, the bird catcher with a magic flute.

It was time to board my train back to Brussels for an early night. I had just about enough of being on trains for 1 day.


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