I boarded my 10 hour train at Berlin station bound for Zurich, with a change over in Hannover. I was on another Deutsche Bahn train. Sad face. This train had a few stops on the way to Zurich, I finally reached my destination around 4pm. I dragged my suitcase along the cobblestones and up the hill to my hostel. By the time I checked in it was after 6pm and the last to arrive in the 4 bunk dorm room, I was on a top bunk for the night (shudders).

I showered and took a walk to find dinner. The sun had begun setting. Zurich is pretty at dusk, straight out of a post card. I found an alley way buzzing with restaurants. I’m glad each place had a menu at the door so that I could determine where to eat at a cheap price. The costs were unbelievable. I had been warned Switzerland is expensive. I settled for a foccacia and cider, total of 20 euro. Cry face.

I went back to the hostel and had to sit around in the reception area waiting for my phone to charge as all the power sockets in the room were occupied. It was late by the time I headed back into the room and climbed up my bunk for an average night sleep. 5 of the room mates left very early in the morning, I took this opportunity to move to a bottom bunk with a power socket right next to the bed. Happy face.

I woke up a few hours later. After freshening up I headed back to the main train station as there’s a mall attached. I booked myself a train ticket for the following day to Lucerne hoping the weather would be good for seeing the Swiss Alps. I spent the morning walking around the mall, buying myself 50’s pinup style headbands. I traced my steps back to the restaurants I had passed the previous night, and to the water edge. I sat on the canal wall while I ate my lunch. There were lots of water ferries and tourist tour boats on the water. In the distance I saw a man on his paddle boat being chased by water police. He ducked down into one of the canals just in time. Unfortunately the police boat was too high to duck down the canal bridge.

I took a walk following the water and ended up in in a lovely park. I could see the mountains in the distance, it looked so pretty even though it was over cast with low cloud hanging. It only took me a few hours to walk around Zurich. It is a pretty little city but it is quite expensive too. My work colleagues had told me a single day was enough time in Zurich, I wish I had listened to them. I also noticed a lot of the Swiss people smoke a lot, including on the train platforms which is something I’m not very used to.

The sun had started to set again, this time I found myself having pies and prosecco on the water front. This was the cheapest place I had found so far, costing me 15 euro. I headed back to the hostel to rest my feet. Walking on cobblestones can be quite painful on the feet, regardless of shoes. My dorm was full yet again and one of my new room mates had a chesty cough. I still had 2 nights here, I knew I was going to end up with that cough.

The next morning I headed back to the main station and boarded the train to Lucerne. Swiss trains are extremely impressive, comfortable and efficient. The train ride took under 2 hours. On the way I was quite sad to see it was another overcast day. By the time we arrived into Lucerne it was raining. I was not going to see Swiss Alps. Instead I took a walk around the small town in the drizzle.

I crossed over the medieval bridge across the river and followed the path to a church decorated with white balloons. I was walking behind a bride and groom about to have their wedding pictures done. The bride was wearing a pair of Adidas sneakers instead of heels, smart choice given the weather. Besides who sees the shoes?

After a walk around the church I followed the city walls to the top of the hill. There was a large green field filled with cattle and sheep. Right in the center of the city. I walked back down and crossed another medieval bridge back to the main station. I grabbed a fruit juice and sandwich and headed to the platform while I waited for the next train back to Zurich.

I got back to the hostel and found the new room mates had invited their male friends into the female dorm. the other solo traveller in the room expressed how uncomfortable she was feeling which led to everyone leaving the room bar herself and I. I am glad she did say something. I don’t have a problem with the opposite sexes socialising however there is a reason women book women only dorms, and in this case it was inconsiderate of the other ladies to have invited males back into the room without considering this. I showered and settled in for my last night. All through the night my chesty cough room mate got worse. Sad face again.

I showered and packed up early the next morning, checking out but leaving my suitcase in their luggage hold. Instead of walking down to the river again, this time I continued up the hill to the suburban area of Zurich. I found some lovely feminine sculptures and quirky little shops, still very much out of my price range.

My flight was not until 8pm and I had seen as much of Zurich as I could. I headed back to the hostel and sat in the reception to fly charge my phone.

After a couple of hours I headed to the train station for my trip to Zurich airport. This was to be my last train ride in Europe. I had about seen enough of tracks. The journey took less than 20 minutes. I checked in my bag and headed for my gate. We boarded the Vueling plane bound for Rome around 7.30pm. My eyes closed soon after.


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