Queer London

One of the ‘rougher round the edges’ places I visited was Camden Markets and Camden Town. Before I left for London 2 of my girlfriends told me of their days in London – Camden was their (weed) hang out. The first time I went to Camden I went on my own and I liked it, despite family and friends painting a bad picture of the place for me. I loved the street art and the alternative culture. The Market was absolutely buzzing and had some amazing stalls, however the crowds did get to me eventually. I manage to develop road rage when walking behind people.

The second time I visited Camden was with a Glaswegian friend. This time was at night. We started out bar hopping where I got carded (woohoo) before we decided to buy some cheap red wine from Sainsbury’s and sit along the Camden Lock. He had brought a good batch of Glaswegian herb with him. We were sober when we climbed across the timber to the center island, not so much when we had to cross back over. We spent the night chatting about philosophy. And when the munchies kicked in we found a vegan cafe and ate a variety of muffins to our heart’s content.

Another spectacular event I had the opportunity of seeing was Pride London. A friend of mine had flown all the way from Melbourne for this event. I joined him along with his fabulous friends in Piccadilly Circus for the parade. We drank pink champagne as the colourful floats passing by showcased the wonderful LBGTQI community.



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