This is me

I was 14 years old when I boarded a plane for the first time and traveled half way across the world. Not by choice but not with hesitation either. It had been 11 months since Zimbabwe had become violent and 3 months since my mother had taken a leap of faith and moved to Sydney, Australia. It was my turn to follow, along with my older brother and younger sister. Our first trip out of the country was exciting as it was surreal. Leaving ‘home’ for the sun-burnt land under the southern cross was something that didn’t sink in until I stood in the small 2 bedroom apartment in eastern Sydney.

14 years later and this time it is my choice to move half way across the world. I’m not quite sure if I’m running from something or perhaps I’m running to something. I am scared as hell and still wondering why my brain figured this is a good idea. Though the thought of going somewhere where no one knows you is quite exciting.

In the 14 years in between I’ve gone ‘home’ a few times, been round the world in 27 days and set up home in beautiful Melbourne. This ‘hidden treasures in lane-ways’ city is gorgeous. I am crazy to leave but I will come back. Right now I have to share in an extraordinary adventure across 7 continents.


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